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At Goodman Law, we are one of the top HOA Lawyers in Phoenix, Mesa, & Prescott areas.
We do one thing and we do it well: HOA law. Whatever legal issues or homeowner laws your HOA is facing, we have what it takes to get the job done.

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Because we focus on one kind of client – HOAs – we have the skills and experience to represent your HOA in reaching efficient and positive outcomes to all your legal challenges.

About Our Firm

Goodman Law exists to make the work of HOAs as easy as possible. We specialize in Arizona HOA Laws and provide simple solutions to HOAs whenever possible, but can tackle any challenging issue.

We know that some HOAs are hesitant to bring in outside counsel because doing so can make things more complicated and expensive, but our years of experience in Arizona HOA Laws makes it easy for us to quickly assess your situation and lead you to the most efficient solution for you.

Unlike other law firms that claim to provide HOA solutions for homeowner laws, we don’t offer cookie-cutter approaches or outdated methods. We love taking complicated situations and disputes, distilling them into easy-to-understand issues, and reaching effective and innovative outcomes for our clients. Many of our clients come to us after other firms fail, and we are able to create customized solutions that get the job done. We do things differently, and our clients appreciate that.

From our years of work with HOA boards , we know exactly the type of legal challenges that you face as well as the kinds of homeowner laws pressures that you are working under. HOAs must not only do their job of enforcing the rules of the community, collecting fees and fines, and handling unexpected disputes, but they must often do so in a highly charged and emotional context.

By bringing in Goodman Law to assist with resolving your HOA legal matters, you will get a trusted advisor, consultant, and fighter. We are a top HOA Lawyer in Phoenix, Mesa & Prescott who will do whatever it takes to make things right, whether that means simply sitting in on an HOA meeting to ease tensions or going to court to defend the HOA’s interests.

I can’t recommend these guys without a smile.

petra p.

We love working with Clint and his staff.

dustin s.

He not only does a wonderful job, he educates us as a board on how we should go about items we have to address. The HOA board would recommend Clint to anyone.

ken l.

Goodman has innovative methods and cost saving techniques.

jean-marie b.

Goodman Law has delivered fantastic results.

lori d.