resources / Statutes / Nonprofit Corporations / §10-2054

Title 10 – Corporations and Associations

Chapter 19 – Not for Profit Corporations and associations, Cooperatives and Fraternal and Benevolent societies

Article 2 – Electric Cooperative Nonprofit Membership Corporations

  • A. The name of a cooperative shall include the words "electric" and "cooperative," and the abbreviation "inc.," unless, in a statement executed by the cooperative and filed with the corporation commission, or in an affidavit made by a person signing the articles of incorporation, consolidation, merger or conversion, which relate to the cooperative, and filed, together with the articles, with the corporation commission, it appears that the cooperative desires to do business in another state and is or would be precluded from doing so by reason of the inclusion of either or both of those words in its name.
  • B. The name of a cooperative shall be distinguishable from the name of any other cooperative or corporation organized under the laws of, or authorized to do business in, this state. Only a cooperative doing business in this state pursuant to this article shall use both the words "electric" and "cooperative" in its name, but this section shall not apply to any corporation that becomes subject to this article by converting to a cooperative pursuant to title 29, chapter 6 and that elects to retain a corporate name that does not comply with this section. The restriction on the use of the words "electric" and "cooperative" does not apply to generation and transmission cooperatives organized under article 4 of this chapter.