resources / Statutes / Condominiums / §33-1219

Title 33 – Property

Chapter 9 – Condominiums

Article 2 – Creation, Alteration and Termination of Condominiums

  • A. The plat is a part of the declaration. The plat must be clear and legible.
  • B. The plat shall show:
    • 1. The name of the condominium.
    • 2. The boundaries of the condominium and a legal description of the real estate included in the condominium.
    • 3. The extent of any encroachments on any portion of the condominium.
    • 4. To the extent feasible, the location and dimensions of all easements serving or burdening any portion of the condominium.
    • 5. The location and dimensions of the vertical boundaries of each unit, and each unit’s identifying number.
    • 6. Any horizontal unit boundaries, with reference to an established datum, and each unit’s identifying number.
    • 7. Any units with respect to which the declarant has reserved the right to create additional units or common elements, identified appropriately.
    • 8. The location and dimensions of all real estate subject to the development right of withdrawal identified as such.
    • 9. The location and dimensions of all real estate in which the unit owner will only own an estate for years labeled as a "leasehold condominium".
    • 10. The distance between noncontiguous parcels of real estate comprising the condominium.
    • 11. The location and dimensions of limited common elements, including porches, balconies, patios and entryways, other than the limited common elements described in section 33-1212, paragraphs 2 and 4.
    • 12. Any other matters the declarant deems appropriate.
  • C. Unless the declaration provides otherwise, the horizontal boundaries of a part of a unit located outside of a building have the same elevation as the horizontal boundaries of the inside part and need not be depicted on the plat.
  • D. On exercising any development right, the declarant shall record a new plat conforming to the requirements of subsections A and B of this section. No new plat need be recorded if the development right exercised was clearly depicted on the original plat and a document is recorded which references the declaration and original plat and declares that the development right has been exercised.