resources / Statutes / Condominiums / §33-1246

Title 33 – Property

Chapter 9 – Condominiums

Article 3 – Management of the Condominium

  • A. At the time the unit owners’ association is organized, the association shall adopt bylaws which provide for each of the following:
    • 1. The number of members of the board of directors and the titles of the officers of the association.
    • 2. Election by the board of directors of a president, treasurer, secretary and any other officers of the association which the bylaws specify.
    • 3. The qualifications, powers and duties, terms of office and manner of electing and removing board members and officers and filling vacancies.
    • 4. Which, if any, of its powers the board of directors or officers may delegate to other persons or to a managing agent.
    • 5. Which of its officers may execute, certify and record amendments to the declaration on behalf of the association.
    • 6. The method of amending the bylaws.
  • B. Subject to the provisions of the declaration, the bylaws may provide for any other matters the association deems necessary and appropriate.