resources / Statutes / Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act / §38-33.3-119

Title 38 – Property – Real and Personal

Article 33.3 – Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act

Exception for small preexisting cooperatives and planned communities

If a cooperative or planned community created within this state before July 1, 1992, contains no more than ten units and is not subject to any development rights, or if its declaration limits its annual common expense liability to the amount specified in section 38-33.3-116 (1), then it is subject only to sections 38-33.3-105 to 38-33.3-107 unless the declaration is amended in conformity with applicable law and with the procedures and requirements of the declaration to take advantage of the provisions of section 38-33.3-120, in which case all the sections enumerated in section 38-33.3-117 apply to that planned community.