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Katelyn Woffinden

Law Clerk · Arizona


Katelyn is our Summer 2023 Law Clerk. She is an undergraduate student currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in political science. With a passion for law and an interest in the political landscape, Katelyn has taken on this exciting new role.

Katelyn's journey in the field of politics and law began in college, where she first took interest in the workings of government. Interning for the Utah House of Representatives sparked her desire to study Political Science and work towards becoming a lawyer.

Katelyn has shown an impressive level of dedication to her studies, achieving exceptional grades and actively participating in extracurricular activities related to her field. As our law clerk, Katelyn is gaining valuable experience in the legal field, working closely with our attorneys and gaining a first-hand understanding of the workings of the legal system. Katelyn's ultimate goal is to become a successful lawyer and make a meaningful impact in the legal and political spheres.
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