Whenever a local news story about a homeowners association (HOA) breaks, it’s bound to be bad—all across the country, HOAs are making news for all the wrong reasons: discrimination, petty rule enforcement standards, lack of understanding, exorbitant fees, unfair evictions and more. And one term is frequently associated with HOAs in the media: “buyer’s remorse.”

If you’re responsible for running an HOA, you may be wondering what steps you can take to help keep your residents satisfied, and avoid the bad publicity that plagues a number of HOAs across the country.

Working with an HOA law firm in Arizona is a great way to make sure that your HOA is creating and enforcing bylaws in a way that is consistent with local, state and federal regulations. Additionally, there are a number of steps you can follow that will help your residents understand the value that your HOA brings to your community, and help keep them satisfied with your services, including:

  • Keep it consistent:
    A frequent charge against HOAs is that they’re discriminatory—they strictly enforce their bylaws to a T against one resident, while allowing others to have a free pass. The most important thing that an HOA can do to avoid negative media attention is enforce its bylaws consistently and fairly.
  • Long-term vision and goals:
    HOAs should never just run for the sake of existing. They should always have clear, long-term goals and a vision for the future. Whether that vision is creating a safe, accessible neighborhood or adding value over the years, it’s important to communicate your HOA’s goals to your residents.
  • Clear communication:
    Nearly every aspect of your HOA’s decision making processes, from the establishment of the bylaws to the creation of its annual budget, should be communicated clearly and effectively to all of the residents served by the HOA. Additionally, any disciplinary actions taken by the HOA should be accompanied by robust communication.
  • Responsibility and accountability:
    A common media narrative surrounding HOA boards is that they consist of a few people who are enjoying a power trip over their friends and neighbors. Implementing rules that encourage leaders to take responsibility—and that hold leaders accountable—can prevent your HOA from turning into a nightmare.
  • Strong business acumen:
    Finally, it’s important that your HOA is solvent at the end of the year. Rather than raising fees or implementing disciplinary fines, look for ways to cut down on your costs and maximize your existing budget. While rising labor costs may eventually necessitate a hike in fees, this should generally be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

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