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Welcome to our free, proprietary Arizona HOA Statutes Search Engine, through which you can search the entirety of the Arizona Revised Statutes. Using the search bar below, please enter any keywords that relate to any legal issue you are facing. If you have any specific questions to your search or any HOA-related legal issue, please contact our office for a consultation.

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) in Arizona are primarily regulated by Arizona state law in how they conduct their business, although federal regulations may certainly apply to HOAs as they would any other business entity. The primary AZ HOA statutes Arizona state statutes that apply to HOAs are included in Title 33 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, covering the field of Property, and specifically in Chapter 18 which deals with Homeowners’ Association Dwelling Actions. The statutes in this section are as follows:

  • §33-2001 Definitions - This section provides an overview of the legal definitions of terms that HOAs will often use in conducting business, specifically the legal meaning of the terms: 1) community documents; 2) dwelling; 3) good faith; 4) homeowners’ association; 5) homeowners’ association dwelling actions; 6) and seller. Because terms are often thrown around loosely in HOA matters, this section is important in providing the precise legal meaning of these terms as they will apply in any HOA actions.

  • §33-2002 Homeowners’ Association Dwelling Actions; Conditions - This section explains what conditions must be met and before a HOA can properly file an HOA dwelling action (including full disclosure of all relief granted, meeting requirements, notice, etc.). The section further details procedural requirements related to HOA dwelling actions, including statute of limitations requirements and notice requirements relating to the proceeds of any action.

  • §33-2003 Applicability - This section provides further information regarding the types of actions not subject to HOA dwelling action rules.

Other Arizona Revised Statutes will of course apply to issues that may arise in HOA’s dealings with homeowners as well as outside third parties. By using this Arizona HOA Statutes Search Engine, you can search the entirety of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

Should you have any questions related to AZ HOA statutes HOA law specifically or any other area of Arizona or federal law that may be applicable to an issue presently before your HOA, please contact Goodman Law for further assistance and legal guidance on how your HOA can best address the issue your HOA is facing.