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What Can HOAs Do to Deal with Hoarders?

Not every person who has a messy living space is a hoarder. Hoarders account for a small percentage of people in the United States—estimates indicate about two to five percent of the population meets the definition of a hoarder. Hoarders are people who have...

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2017 Arizona Legislative Update

This session started off "on fire!"  Things have died down quite a bit but there are a few pending bills. Here are a two remaining bills that could change the way we do things in HOAs: HB 2411:  OPEN MEETINGS.  Boards will no longer be able to decide anything outside...

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Be Careful Whom You Exclude: Game-Changing New Case!

The Arizona Court of Appeals just made a big change when it comes to the Board excluding other Board Members from executive sessions, even when that board member is rogue! On October 13, 2016, the Court held that the Board could not exclude a duly-elected Board Member...

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