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How to Deal With Ridiculous HOA Complaints

Some HOA board members really enjoy being a person who gets to hear all about the complaints that homeowners in the HOA have about each other, the board, the management company, and anything else for that matter. But most HOA board members, while they enjoy serving,...

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Passing Common Expenses in a Condo Association to Owners

When it comes to passing common expenses to owners in a condo association, the appropriate phrase is not “you get what you pay for,” it is “you pay for what you get.”

Condo Associations are generally responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of common elements and limited common elements. This upkeep is paid for by the Association as a common expense, which is defined as “expenditures made by or financial liabilities of the association, together with any allocations to reserves.”

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Amending Articles of Incorporation to Include New Director Information

After an initial board of directors gives way to its successors, the names and addresses of those directors remain in the articles of incorporation. Homeowners associations may find little utility in leaving the information of the initial directors in its articles. These associations seek to amend the articles through a vote of the board to reflect the information of new directors.

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Managing Member Meetings

There is often some confusion about what the law requires from Associations when it comes to meetings of the Members of the Association (opposed to open Board meetings or executive session meetings). Below are some tips and answers to common questions when it comes to managing Member Meetings.

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On-Street Parking Enforcement: Do it Correctly.

Limiting the congestion created by parked cars on streets within a community is an issue that many Community Associations have faced at one point or another. Associations have the authority to regulate vehicles parked on Association property, but that authority is not so absolute when it comes to regulating parking on streets.

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