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How to Deal With Ridiculous HOA Complaints

Some HOA board members really enjoy being a person who gets to hear all about the complaints that homeowners in the HOA have about each other, the board, the management company, and anything else for that matter. But most HOA board members, while they enjoy serving,...

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HOA, Attorneys and Dogs

Within the boundaries of the United States, the HOA is the homeowner association. It's a private networked that was previously developed by a developer of real estate. The purpose of having homeowners associated was to market, manage and sell homes within a specified...

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Amending Your CC&Rs Legally

Oftentimes, HOAs become conflicted when it comes to the requirements to amend CC&Rs. Sometimes CC&Rs set forth certain requirements that conflict with Arizona law. Without understanding the law, an HOA board may rely only on what is in the CC&Rs. This...

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