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How to Select an HOA Counsel for Your Condo Association

If you are a newly elected member of your condominium complex’s Homeowners’ Association (HOA) or even just an active member of your community, you may think of an HOA’s duties as being fairly pedestrian: deciding what kind of refreshments to order for the complex...

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HOA, Attorneys and Dogs

Within the boundaries of the United States, the HOA is the homeowner association. It's a private networked that was previously developed by a developer of real estate. The purpose of having homeowners associated was to market, manage and sell homes within a specified...

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Amending Your CC&Rs Legally

Oftentimes, HOAs become conflicted when it comes to the requirements to amend CC&Rs. Sometimes CC&Rs set forth certain requirements that conflict with Arizona law. Without understanding the law, an HOA board may rely only on what is in the CC&Rs. This...

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