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Can an HOA Be Held Accountable for the Actions of Others?

HOAs are, for the purposes of tort liability, generally considered the owners of property such as common areas, which can result in liability for injuries that occur on that property due to dangerous conditions. But another area of potential tort liability is through...

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4 Tips for Running a Meaningful HOA Meeting

Perhaps you’ve lobbied long and hard to make it on the board of your HOA. Or perhaps you were drafted to run the HOA with an ambivalent attitude of genuine concern for your community but distaste for formal meetings and neighbor-on-neighbor conflict. Whether you’ve...

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2017 Arizona Legislative Update

This session started off "on fire!"  Things have died down quite a bit but there are a few pending bills. Here are a two remaining bills that could change the way we do things in HOAs: HB 2411:  OPEN MEETINGS.  Boards will no longer be able to decide anything outside...

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