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An Overview of Tax Lien Laws in Arizona

It is important for Associations to understand how state tax liens affect your interests and what effect tax lien foreclosure has on your assessment lien. Here is a brief overview of how the Arizona property taxes operate: Taxes are due in October: The first half of...

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Understanding HOA Meeting Laws in Arizona

There are so many rules to follow when operating and managing a homeowners association. While breaking a small tenet may only result in a slap on the wrist or a terse letter, not complying with the long-established laws that dictate exactly how an HOA should function,...

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New HOA Short-Term Rental Laws in Arizona

Short-term rentals are a great and necessary resource for renters, but they have a negative reputation for attracting people without ties to the community. HB 2672 provides new short-term rental laws in Arizona, which aim to reduce any negative impact from short-term...

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