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HOAs and Parking: What You Need to Know

What is the policy regarding HOA parking liability in Arizona? Whether you’re a member of the association or a member of the board, it behooves you to know more about this common source of potential conflict. Because parking is such a crucial part of everyday life for...

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Breach of Contract Issues and HOA Law in Arizona

The state of Arizona has a six-year statute of limitations for taking legal action in a breach of contract case. The law also allows insurance companies in the state to shorten the statute of limitations in which a policyholder can file a breach of contract lawsuit in...

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Foreclosure-to-Rent: What Your HOA Needs to Know

Thanks to the large number of foreclosures that occurred following the 2008 global financial crisis, homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominium associations began developing an inventive strategy to overcome the loss of revenue caused by unpaid fees and vacant...

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Bankruptcy and Its Impact on HOAs

There are few things more devastating than experiencing bankruptcy. When a person enters bankruptcy proceedings, there are countless things that they may not have considered that will ultimately impact their financial future. One thing that many people may not have...

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Eligibility for Debt Foreclosure

As HOA attorneys in Arizona, we frequently receive questions from HOA boards about how to handle delinquent accounts and whether foreclosure is an option. If you have had questions along these lines, we aim to answer them in this article. Under Arizona law, an account...

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