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What New HOA Board Members Should Know

If you’re about to start your first ever term as a member of your homeowners association’s board of directors, you might be a bit nervous and wondering what you should expect out of the position. You’re going to be an active part of running what essentially amounts to...

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How To Collect On Enforcement Violations

Knowing how to collect on enforcement violations is crucial. But even more important is understanding the importance behind enforcing your HOA’s policies. Knowing this, or better yet - knowing how to communicate this to a disgruntled community member who is in...

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HOA, Attorneys and Dogs

Within the boundaries of the United States, the HOA is the homeowner association. It's a private networked that was previously developed by a developer of real estate. The purpose of having homeowners associated was to market, manage and sell homes within a specified...

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Amending Your CC&Rs Legally

Oftentimes, HOAs become conflicted when it comes to the requirements to amend CC&Rs. Sometimes CC&Rs set forth certain requirements that conflict with Arizona law. Without understanding the law, an HOA board may rely only on what is in the CC&Rs. This...

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