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Bankruptcy and Its Impact on HOAs

There are few things more devastating than experiencing bankruptcy. When a person enters bankruptcy proceedings, there are countless things that they may not have considered that will ultimately impact their financial future. One thing that many people may not have...

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Be Careful Whom You Exclude: Game-Changing New Case!

The Arizona Court of Appeals just made a big change when it comes to the Board excluding other Board Members from executive sessions, even when that board member is rogue! On October 13, 2016, the Court held that the Board could not exclude a duly-elected Board Member...

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Avoiding Unnecessary Taxes

Homeowners associations paying separate taxes on each common area parcel need to STOP! In March of 2000 the Arizona Department of Revenue issued a publication addressing A.R.S. §§ 42-13401 through 13404. In summary, these statutes, and subsequent amendments, allow...

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Help – my HOA was dissolved!

QUESTION: Our board received a notice from the Arizona Corporation Commission that says our community association was dissolved because they did not receive our annual report filing. Is there something we can do? We need help! ANSWER: Getting any letter from the...

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